The Loop
January 2016
Issue 24

Welcome to the January 2016 issue of The Loop

The Loop is a quarterly newsletter for people involved in implementing Personal Action Toward Health, or PATH - Michigan's name for Stanford University's Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP). If you have news or stories you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you at
Save the Date! Annual PATH Meeting 2016

The annual MI-PATH meeting is a little earlier this year. The meeting is scheduled for April 12, 2016, at Lansing Community College West Campus. Registration and more information is coming soon to your inbox.
PATH Master Training Opportunity

Do you need to build your capacity to offer PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) workshops in your area? The Michigan Arthritis Program is offering a PATH Master Training on March 14, 15, 23, 24, 2016 in Okemos, MI. Here are the important details:
  • This master trainings is for the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (known as PATH in Michigan)
  • Those who attend a master training can lead community workshops AND train new leaders
  • There is no fee to attend, but meals, transportation and lodging are on your own
  • Priority will be given to applicants who are already leaders and have conducted workshops
  • Priority will be given to applicants who also speak Spanish and would be available to attend an online cross training in the Tomando Control de su Salud program (the Spanish version of PATH)
Contact Karen McCloskey at to request and application. Applications are due by February 15th

Positive Self-Management Trainings Open
Stanford has openings in their online cross-trainings for Positive Self-Management (the HIV version of PATH/CDSMP). View more information, or register for a cross-training.

Fidelity Corner
Your questions answered

Q: Sometimes in my workshops, a participant will disagree with something I say, or something in the book - it most often happens with things related to nutrition. This makes me uncomfortable, as I'm not quite sure how to respond. What do you recommend?
A: This is uncomfortable, to be sure - and it's easy to get off in the weeds when a participant is disagreeing or challenging you over some detail in the book or the workshop. One strategy might be to remind the participants that health information changes and grows more quickly than our workshop or book can keep up with it, and encourage them to do their own research, and to follow advice from their healthcare provider and sources they are comfortable with.

Participants are also used to thinking of classes or workshops as a place you go to get answers; but in a PATH workshop, what we're providing instead is a roadmap to successful self-management. It might help to remind participants that the workshop is not here to answer all their questions, but to help them figure out where to go and who to talk to, to get those questions answered.
Self-Management Video

This short YouTube video highlights how patients and healthcare providers can work together toward better self-management. While the video was produced in Canada, it fits well with U.S. efforts to improve health.
Thank you!
Thank you for your continued support of PATH and for all you do for the program. Please let us know of any upcoming leader trainings, regional meetings or PATH events so they can be included in our next newsletter. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome! Email us at

Candice Lee, Karen McCloskey and Doreen Chambers
Michigan Arthritis Program

This newsletter has been created to keep partners, stakeholders and leaders updated on PATH progress and upcoming events. We encourage you to share your stories and publicize PATH events for upcoming issues. We hope you find the newsletter helpful and enjoyable.

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