Resources and Links

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Arthritis Information
Find basic information about Arthritis, surveillance data about the burden of arthritis in MI, and links to other helpful resources.

Michigan Aging & Adult Services Agency
Find information regarding a wide variety of issues relevant to seniors and their families including housing, Medicare/Medicaid, Area Agencies on Aging services, and health/wellness.

Partnership for Health and Disability
Find useful information related to physical/cognitive disability and health. A link under the 'Resources' tab offers information for Planning Accessible Meetings, and lots more.

Self-Management Resource Center (SMRC)
Find tools and news from the developers of PATH.

Arthritis Foundation of Michigan
Find information about Arthritis Foundation exercise and self-management programs as well as Arthritis Foundation Events.

Walk With Ease - Arthritis Foundation
Find information about Arthritis Foundation exercise and self-management programs as well as Arthritis Foundation Events.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Arthritis Program
Find data about arthritis across the country. Find information about arthritis in general as well as strategies for addressing arthritis individually and publically.

MDHHS Cardiovascular Health, Obesity & Nutrition
Find basics about the MDHHS Cardiovascular Health, Obesity, and Nutrition program, including tips for improving cardiovascular health.

MDHHS Help Finding Healthcare
Find information about accessing healthcare in Michigan. Services offered include primary care, chronic disease mental health care, dental care, prescription medication, family planning, and many more.

Michigan Public Health Institute
Find information about MPHI dedicated to improving community health in Michigan through collaboration.

Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Change Programs
The Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Change Program is located through most of Michigan. Find information and upcoming local groups for this lifestyle change program shown to reduce diabetes risk in adults with prediabetes or at high risk.

National Kidney Foundation of Michigan
Find information about the NKFM’s goal of fighting obesitiy, diabetes and kidney disease through self-management and exercise, as well as events.

National Osteoporosis Foundation
Find more about preventing osteoporosis, promoting strong bones, and reducing human suffering through education, advocacy, and research.

Osteoarthritis Action Alliance
Find information about osteoarthritis including awareness, resources, and education.

Project Enhance
Find More information about Enhance®Fitness and Enhance®Wellness.

State of Oregon Living Well Program
The Living Well Toolkit is a great resource for developing sustainability. They also have examples of marketing materials.

Para obtener información sobre artritis en español por favor visite a Arthritis Foundation or Centros Para El Control y Prevención de Artritis.